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We excel in producing captivating videos, stylish animated videos and modern-day design solutions.

Video Services

Over the past 4 years, we have produced 3000+ videos for both global and local brands. By using cinema-grade gear, the latest software and a highly skilled team, we always strive to produce the highest quality content.

image from a video production set

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Design Services

Your company branding is extremely important. This is what associates the customer with you, creates strong customer loyalty, and at the same time distinguishes you from the competition. Our web and design team will make sure that your appearance (from the logo, promotional material, to the website) reflects your company identity, and at the same time be recognizable.

design services web design and graphic design

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Animation Services

Animated videos are sometimes the best way to tell a story that live-action video cannot. It’s an easy way to turn complex ideas, products or services in an attractive and engaging piece of content.

animation team meeting


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Featured Projects

To paraphrase a saying by a very smart man: “Don’t tell me what you can do, show me your portfolio.” So here it is.

UN Women

Client: United Nations


Client: Athlete+


Client: Bruketa&Žinić&Grey (Croatia)


Client: Slurp Laboratories (South Korea)

Your phone becomes your wallet

Client: Mastercard

Did you know? Vascular Surgery

Client: Halifax Health

Explore Balkans

Client: SWG

Siemens Talents

Client: Dart Film / Siemens



Headshot of CEO Creative Studio Headshot of CEO Creative Studio with colorful background
Matija Šimunec


Headshot of COO Creative Studio Headshot of COO Creative Studio with colorful background
Igor Miljković


Headshot of Financial Director Creative Studio Headshot of Financial Director Creative Studio with colorful background
Dejan Deheljan

Financial Director

Momir Gajić

Senior Advisor

Headshot of Account director Creative Studio Headshot of Account director Creative Studio with colorful background
Maša Rađenović

Head of .video

Headshot of Videographer creative studio Headshot of Videographer creative studio with colorful background
Stefan Drljača


Ana Breberina

Project Manager

Marija Mićović

Financial Administrator

Mila Tričković

Head of .animation

Dejan Đurđević

Production Manager

Headshot of second Videographer creative studio
Srđan Janjuš


Headshot of Illustrator creative studio
Simonida Nedeljković


Headshot of Account manager creative studio
Milena Jevremović

Account Manager

Headshot of senior editor creative studio
Marija Rajna Marinković

Senior Editor

Igor Mijušković

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ilija Zipevski

2D Motion Artist

Aleksandra Ivanović


Andrea Marić

Junior Editor

Željka Mitrović

Senior Designer

Filip Leštar


Miloš Đorđević



Equipment does matter. We cover your projects with the latest gear — high-resolution RED cinema cameras, camcorders, lenses, lens support, lighting, grip and stabilization systems such as easy rig and motorized gimbal stabilizer.

canon c200 cinema camera
camera lenses, brand zeis
freefly movi-pro stabilization system for camera
red helium 8k
drone dji mavic pro 3
canon eos R camera

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Halifax Health Medical Center


Miller-Leaman Inc

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