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Elevate your brand with motion graphics video.

Convert more customers by simplifying any complex subject with animated storytelling.

Make use of motion graphics and convert viewers into customers, increase ROI and boost brand awareness.

Motion graphics animation can help you:

  • Share your story in a unique way
  • Build brand awareness
  • Present products and services in the form of explainer video
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Attract new and keep existing customers
  • Increase audience engagement with eye-catching motion design
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Why Motion Graphic Videos?

Today’s companies face the same challenge – draw and retain people’s attention. Animated videos can help you enhance your brand’s visibility.

  • In a study done by Wyzowl, 86% of marketers claimed video helped them generate more leads
  • Additionally, 87% said video increased their website traffic
  • An explainer video helps introduce your product or service to a broader public, evoke interest and build trust
  • Demo videos show your product’s functions – instead of telling, show how amazing your product is
  • Training videos can help your employees to use them as learning sources. Your business grows only if your team members grow
  • Give your sales team more opportunities with animated videos that can help you convert prospects. Videos are effective in every stage of the sales funnel
  • Social media became the go-to platform for video content. This called businesses to show their creativity and make fun, engaging videos that attract customers


How it Works

The goal is to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Working on over 1000+ motion design projects allowed us to sharpen our skills, take the animated video production process to the next level, providing full-service and high-quality products.

discovery phase animation services

Discovery & Brief

We kick-off the project by going through a creative questionnaire, collect and analyze data and sign the contract.

preproduction phase animation services


We work on the script, mood board, sample frames and sketch up the story board. We also look at voice over talent.

test phase of the animation process


Once the story board is approved, the animation process begins and the illustrations come to life. In this phase we produce the animatic and record the VO.

animation final video product


Upon approval of the previous deliverables, we apply the finishing touches to our video by adding sound effects and music.

production phase explainer video animation studio

Reviews & Add-ons

Once the video is finalized, you'll get to review it and give us feedback, pointers and approval to conclude the project at which point we may discuss add-ons!

delivery phase sending all types of formats for client to use

Final Delivery

Lastly, we send you all the deliverables in the formats you need. Most platforms have slightly different specs, so we make sure that you receive exactly what you need.

Which Animated Video Should You Choose?

Animation is an incredibly engaging type of video that captivates the audience. Depending on the style, it can often be entertaining and practical as an illustration of a concept.

Depending on your needs there are various options to pick from:

  • 2D motion graphics
  • 3D motion graphics
  • Explainer videos
  • Educational & training videos
  • Animated infographics & tutorial videos

When choosing the right style, you should know that 2D is typically the most classic-looking animation style, while 3D feels like a Pixar-type of a movie.

Motion graphics are popular for explainer videos as they illustrate a concept in a clear, often minimalist, style. Animated infographics work nicely for videos where the text and charts have a crucial role.

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